About Us

        东莞市斯ag客户端数控科技有限公司,因此高速数控车床设置装备摆设为主,集研发、制造、营销以及办事为一体的公有制消费制造企业。公司次要产品有斜床身高速排刀机、刀塔机、尾顶机、双头数控车床以及车铣复合机、主动化等五金加工设置装备摆设。随着公司技能的精益求精[jīng yì qiú jīng],ag客户端已率先经过ISO产品格量认证,产品经过了CE认证,普遍使用于5G零件、航空航天配件、医疗配件、电子烟、手电筒、望远镜、军工配件等行业,并遭到业内的分歧好评。



        Dongguan Snake CNC Technology Co.,LTD is an all in one with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service private manufacturing enterprise. The main product is slant bed high speed gang type CNC lathe, turret type CNC lathe machine, turret type tail cap machine, double side CNC lathe and turning-milling compound CNC lathe and other metal processing equipment. Along with the development of our technique, our company had already get the ISO and CE certification. Our products are widely use in 5G parts,aerospace accessories,medical accessories,electronic cigarette, flashlight, telescope, military accessories and other industry. And we also won the excellent public reputation in our industry. 

        Snake CNC Technology Co.,LTD.  had established after-sales service office at Zhengzhou, Shaoyang, Hangzhou,Chengdu, Tianjin and Wuxi.Our factory was equipped with experiment base; we can satisfy different client and different product demand. We have strong research capability, advanced production technology, precise assembly technology, first-class product quality, reasonable management system and high quality after-sales service to provide designing, producing, installing, commissioning and training “turn-key project” for various products.

        Snake CNC Technology Co.,LTD. treat quality as life, treat clients as god. Our purpose is responsible for each procedure, each machine, and each client. All of the works we do are for your sake. We trust: quality is the key to open the market; our sincere heart will gain genuine return. We welcome new old client, experts and insider to established various cooperation with our company and fight for the future of metal industry with us!